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The Ninth Black Book of Horror

ISBN-13: 978-0955606182


Horrible people, horrible places, horrible things and horrible fates all await you in The Ninth Black Book of Horror. The new anthology from Mortbury Press is truly horrible. Check in at a horror hospital, witness grisly acts, observe dreadful family reunions, meet a man who hates waste, the things that are not there, and find out what's behind you in The Ninth Black Book of Horror.


Sixteen stories by John Llewellyn Probert, Craig Herbertson; Simon Bestwick, Gary Fry; David Williamson, Anna Taborska; Sam Dawson, Paul Finch; Gary Power, Thana Niveau; Tom Johnstone, Marion Pitman; Kate Farrell, John Forth; Marc Lyth, and David A. Riley.

The Tenth Black Book of Horror

ISBN-13: 978-1910030004


Deeper Than Dark Water - Just when you least expect it, an almost shudder pulp! MAD BRAIN SURGEON Prof. Carl Rosenburg gets his SADISTIC kicks performing lobotomies on anybody unfortunate enough to visit his Government-funded Neurological Institute.


The tenth volume of Mortbury Press's Black Book of Horror anthology series contains 15 new stories. STIFF --- Angela Blake THE EASTER BUNNY --- Tom Johnstone THE LAST TESTAMENT OF JACOB TYLER --- David Surface THE WAR EFFORT --- Carl P. Thompson THE PRE-RAPHAELITE PAINTING --- David A. Sutton CHRISTMAS IN THE RAIN --- Chris Lawton DEEPER THAN DARK WATER --- Gary Power MARSHWALL --- Paul Finch EXPLODING RAPHAELESQUE HEADS --- Ian Hunter THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER --- John Llewellyn Probert THE PYGMALION CONJURATION --- Mike Chinn THE BOY --- David Williamson THE LAST WAGON IN THE TRAIN --- Andrea Janes DAD DANCING --- Kate Farrell GUINEA PIG GIRL --- Thana Niveau





The Seventh Black Book of Horror

ISBN-13: 978-0955606168


              Flitching's Revenge by Gary Power

An excellent tale of revenge as a group of vigilantes pick on the wrong person, 5/5.



The Horrid, The Horrific, and The Horrible, all await you in The Seventh Black Book of Horror. Featuring new stories by Thana Niveau, Reggie Oliver, Joel Lane, John Llewellyn Probert, Gary Power, David Williamson, Rog Pile, David A. Riley, Paul Finch, Steve Rasnic Tem, Stephen Volk, Alex Langley, Anna Taborska, James Stanger, Claude Lalumière, Craig Herbertson, and Tony Richards.

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