The Tenth Black Book of Horror



Deeper Than Dark Water

by Gary Power


'Human consciousness is like a vast and unfathomable sea. As you go deeper so the water becomes darker, colder…and quite disorientating; that oceanic world soon becomes a mysterious and implausible place. I want to venture deeper than the dark water, Felix. I want to explore beyond the human condition.’


Stop press - Deeper than Dark Water to appear in the Vault of Evil's advent calendar!


23/03/2019 - It was a massive shock to learn that Charles Black of Black Book of Horror fame passed away in a hospice earlier this month after battling cancer. On a personal level he was a great and cherished friend. That aside, he was an inspired writer and publisher and I am so proud to be in three of his eleven volumes. They truly are a must read for any horror fan and have been rightly compared to the legendary Pan Books of Horror. He will be sorely missed. His website, Mortbury Press, is here from which there are links to buy the books.



Things are hotting up with the release of 'The Years Best Body Horror 2017' from fast rising publishers Gehenna and Hinnom. This gruesome anthology features the grotesquely gruesome 'The Always Watching Eye' where death is the easy option. The book is available to pre-order from Amazon for Kindle and soon in paperback.

Available now here.

First Amazon review -' The Always Watching Eye" by Gary Power and "Porphyria" by John S. McFarland are chilling tales that draw you deep into despair and terror as they progress to their terrifying conclusions.'

This publication will be followed by the haunting tale of a young lady lost in the depths of sorrow having lost her fiancée in a terrible accident. Even in her wildest dreams she couldn't have imagined what fate had in store for her. The eerie 'The People in the Clouds' will be available in volume 6 of the Dark Lane Anthology later this year.

Planned for an October release is the dastardly nasty 'curse' story 'Flitching's Revenge' as a thrilling podcast play from Dark Manor Productions (USA). Already published in the BFS nominated, Seventh Black Book of Horror it'll be great to see this tale brought to life!

And do come back to the gallery section soon when there will be photos from this year's Fantasycon in Peterborough along with any breaking news from cutting edge authors and publishers.

Available now here.

All in all, if you haven’t gotten your hands on one of these books yet, you’re really missing out on a lot of awesome tales. The Black Books of Horror have a lot to offer readers who love horror, and each one of these anthologies are little gems you wouldn’t be able to put down, so do yourself a favour and get your hands on them. You won’t be disappointed.


Amazon review


The series has consistently provided excellent new material for horror fans, featuring stories by both well known authors and newcomers (some of whom, in turn, have eventually achieved notoriety, thanks also to the inclusion of their fiction in that prestigious venue).


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