I guess links say something about me - my friends, my recommendations. They will take you to fascinating places - authors, publishers or music.

Take a look - you might find something you like.







British Fantasy Society - More than a society - a family as well.


Adam Nevill - UK Master of Horror. Critically acclaimed. Award winning. Say no more squire.


John Llewellyn Probert'sHouse of Mortal Cinema - Genius, cult author.


Clockhouse London Writers - Writers to watch!


Anna Taborska - The Mistress of Dark literature.


Spectral Press - Books to die for - literally. Seriously sexy and collectable books.


PS Publishing - Books to cherish. Simply the best!


Penny Shorts - Stirring short stories to entertain you.


Ginger Nuts of Horror - The UK's largest independent horror website. Essential.


Reggie Oliver - Master of macabre.


Vault of Evil Brit Horror Pulp Plus - We Love Pulp!!!!

Mark Morris - What can more can be said of this masterful horror writer/editor who has also written several Doctor Who novels and also non-fiction.


Sarah Pinborough - Uncompromising and controversial. There's no messing with this lady.


Bloody Disgusting - Your one stop shot for all things horror

Tim Mendees - Creator of nightmares and cosmic horror.


Allen Ashley - Editor, publisher, author, musician - enjoy!


Paul Finch - Awesome, gritty thrillers-no compromising. Not for the faint hearted.


Steven Volk - Celebrated, award winning...and just bloody brilliant.


Stephen Jones - Editor extrordinaire. More awards than you can shake a stick at. Quite simply a living legend.


Raven Dane- Vampirism at a deliciously literary level, dark fantasy at its best!


The Horror zine - 'The Horror zine is one of the very best horror sites online' - Graham Masterton

Catriona Ward - This lady is certainly an author to watch. 'The Last House on Needless Street' is to be one of the most anticipated and successful novels of 2021!












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