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Ms Marie Antoinette’s Puppet Gallery

Gary Power Aug 2014



Sacre bleu!

They live, they breath!

Such opulence and rich embroidery. Such decadent finery.

Ms Antoinette’s puppet gallery will seduce you with its splendour and charm you with grandeur.

But what of the peasants?

Qu'ils mangent de la brioche!

What strange life exists behind those cold glass eyes?

Venture closer and you will find that there is warmth beneath that porcelain façade and cold passion within that alabaster shell.

Their fine elegance is beauty to behold. Take in hand a Champagne Coup and allow yourself to ponder the comely shape of this exquisite marionette, for they are one.

Indulge yourself in the unworldly decadence of these fascinating creatures and let the celebrations begin!

Your head will wonder at the madness and your pulse will race as La finta schiava plays mischief with your own heart strings.

The wonder of this magical Fantoccini will stay with you to the end of days.

Look closer, if you dare. Within those hollow shells beat hollow hearts. If they fall, they bleed. Theirs is a world of flagrant fantasy and, if you believe, then you too will see.

But such lavish eccentricity can last only so long.

Prepare your heart for the shattering denouement. Hark to the woeful cries uttered from mouths that never move. When light fades and the guillotine is raised above that pretty neck trepidation will take to your heart and tears of tragedy will fill your eyes.

…and you will witness a moment in time that has no place in our world of reason.


(published Sein and Werden Summer 2014)














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