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Retro Power!

Way back in Sinclair Spectrum time I wrote a few text adventures with graphics. One of them, The Crystal of Chantie, has been selected as part of the games package for the new Spectrum Vega - so I guess I'm officially Retro!

Other news - Fantasycon 2015 is fast approaching and embarrasing photos/hot news and gossip will be added here - so watch this space!

Other things to look out for -

'The Night Clock', the debut novel by Paul Meloy, an English born writer of what Graham Joyce referred to as Fractured Realism, is published 10th November. Definitely one to look out for.


'Midwinter of the Spirit' (Phil Rickman) promises to be a thrilling 3 part drama soon on ITV. Adapted for ITV by the inimitable Stephen Volk (he of the legendary 'Ghostwatch' fame)

Don't miss it!!!

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