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The shape of things to come...

So here are a few of the awesome books that I've been lucky enough to have been published in. With a podcast play in the offing from Manor Productions (USA) and a couple of 'irons in the fire' I'm now looking to get a collection of published and unpublished works together in one volume and also working on a 'Father of Lies' screenplay (recently published as a short story).

My 'Settlement' novella had a bit of a hiatus but things are now back on track. StokerCon Tm 2020 in Scarborough beckons this comiing April and with that comes meeting up with old friends and much burning of midnight oil - must get the garlic ready. 2020 is going to be a vintage year...hopefully!

Watch out for incriminating photos in the gallery!!!

Also watch this space in the next couple of weeks for a new, unpublished seasonal story (don't expect anything too happy) free to download! Highlights of the year so far have been Tim Lebbon's The Silence and Adam Nevill's The Ritual hitting the big screen to great acclaim and of course the publishing of Adam's novel, The Reddening which cannot be recommended enough. Midsommar was a fascinating, gripping, harrowing experience...maybe not for everyone but a brilliant piece of filmaking nevertheless. Thanks for visiting the site - there's a couple of stories to download elsewhere on the site. Bye for now.

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