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The Circus is coming to afraid

Thrills and spills galore as the good (and bad) people of Snake Falls, Arizona live out their dreams (and nightmares) when Grigori Dragan brings his bizarre band of freaks and entertainers to town.

The world has been a strange place of late, and as a key worker I've not had as much time as I'd like for writing. That's all going to change though. In the meantime great things are happening! The Art of Anatomy, a novella, is to be published as a standalone minbook by Mannison Press. Further news will be updated here. And that's not all. In the pipeline is another novella and a collection of published short stories with a working title of,'Let Me Take You Somewhere'.

A final draft of my first novel, Strange World, is well underway too. What happens when a young man working in a an antiquarian bookshop discovers his his recently deceased boss has created a passage into a dark, occult world and he has to close it before it wreaks havoc. But when his fiancee is taken into that world he has no option but to go after her.

Sampler to follow soon.

And come back soon because later this month I'll be making available a free, previously unpublished story to kill a couple of hours of boredom.

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